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365 Days of Poetry: Day Thirty-Nine

sanguine the tip of the bottle.
into a mouth held wide.
to all life brings before it–
the sinner and the wise.

flow down the dark green slide.
become the sweet and tart.
of all held most dear–
to the brewers’ art.

this is the final sea.
the finest purple waves.
trade a turtle for a mudcrab–
and remember Sithis saves.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Two

I missed some this week. I will do better. Consistency is not my strong suit. Part of the point here.

in the Pale
blowing waste of
dusky snow.

sitting, listening
it is my job now-
far from resolution.

one step at a time
savior, slayer

the cold winds come
and with them
the iron price.

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