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365 Days of Poetry: Day Two-Hundred and Seventy-Eight

alone again.
not quite sure what to do.
this has been my problem.
for months now.
it is what I need.
I know this.
but I am so used to.
another life.
I have forgotten.
how to rebuild mine.
I used to be good at this.
I have to be again.
find some memory.
of being strong.
and move on.


I wanted to let you go.
but I.

I pick at scabs.
it’s always been.
a failing and.
a saving.
so I.

The words twist.
I know I’ve done wrong.
and do not deserve forgiveness.
I will be alone.
If I must.
but I can’t.
find another.

They say.
It will happen.
but I hear the lie.
this empty part.
of my heart.
is yours.
I can’t.
let things go.
but I will.
respect your space.
even though I feel.
that I can’t.

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