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the fire door

So the government has opened the fire door, managed to find money before they go spend the taxpayers’ funds in Bali or whatever the crap they do on their weekends. And why is Congress the last bastion of the paid vacation, hmmm? We all must rejoice because the GOP decided they didn’t have enough of the media outside of Fox News on their side to persist in trying to shut down Planned Parenthood(most of us would prefer NOT to see even more welfare babies). I will spend my day bemoaning the lack of a shutdown. I firmly believe all it would have done is shown us how little we really need them. All essential services(besides the DEA) stay in operation if they shut down. So what would it really do to the people, you know, us little ones out here they’re supposed to represent?

I’ll just pray for the idiots to dip their nasty hands too far into the internet. Though Egypt already made that mistake, and I think the politicians do realize they are on rough enough ground with all of us as it is. Otherwise they wouldn’t have put their mature pants on and decided to find things to cut in the budget that aren’t some sort of moral stand.

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