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365 Days of Poetry: Day Two-Hundred and Eighty-Three

so broken the air burns.
slapping all the cracks.
skin barely covers.
soul under attack.
the platelets won’t congeal.
healing stalled, a sham.
drilling holes all over.
the sultry will of man.


I clear my phone of you.
I clear my life of you.
return to my books.
and my rest.
hoping it will be enough.
to forget.

I hurt everything.
I break it.
scared of needing anyone.
only to be left again.

the books do not make.
promises they can’t keep.
nor run from me.
when the pain makes everything.
too much.

I clear my life of you.
I break it.
have to heal alone.
have to cry alone.

the words don’t fail me.
they don’t lie.
forgiveness is a thing.
I have to give myself.

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