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Just a little perspective.

Some good things to remember, especially with a bit of stress going on now. Thanks Kirk, nice to still have a vague attachment to an old casual friend.

Kirk the Jerk

Here we are.

A crossroads in life.

How so Kirk?  How is today any different or more important than any other day?

It isn’t.  But things are changing.  I can actually feel it.


Well, I think the biggest thing to change lately is my perspective on life and what is important (for me).

Let’s recap quickly.  In June I stopped operating a major food & beverage company.  I spent July in Africa (South Africa and Tanzania to be specific) as part of the charity I’m involved with there.  I then spent August in Singapore, with much of that time spent rebuilding my approach to my overall lifestyle, think food choices, implemented daily reading/writing goals, and increased the frequency of my fitness routine.  Most important in my mind though is that I donated or sold almost every single one of my worldly possessions.  In the end I kept four bags…

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