Humpday Haiku Review

Haiku from yesterday was reblogged here, and complimented even! Check out the other nine on his list, all good stuff.


Some edgier souls shy away from the old forms. Those are stale and boring. There is nothing left in the old genres that’s new. This complaint is perfectly understandable. Tastes and cultures change, shedding off old ways of doing things to make room for the new. And yet, there’s also a hasty assumption in the complaint that forms contain the messages, that they have a limited supply of meanings to dish out, and that using an old form might narrow the artist’s expressive horizons. Forms are vehicles, after all. It is through them that we might find the NEW, waiting for us startlingly decked out in the familiar.

Just look at haikus here on WordPress. I’m blown away with how many incredible haikus appear on my reader feed. Terse vehicles in ancient rigging, performing all sorts of new tricks. Somehow it seems that the compressive reading habits cultivated by the…

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