365 Days of Poetry: Day Two-Hundred and Thirty-Eight

best served cold.
would this be.
the ultimate revenge.
build a new life.
in a new.
but well-remembered place?
home is missed.
but is it really.
home anymore?
and how much does anyone.
really miss me?
maybe it is better to stay.
where sour memory.
does not run as deep.
and I would not have.
to depend on the charity.
of two who are only.
on their own side.
pride is broken now.
but hope.
does not die.
though it can be.
low expectations of my return.
beggars unable to help.
beyond their own interests.
is best served cold and.
the easiest place for me.
is where I ran to.


About June Faramore

Writer of fantasy, mainstream, and young adult fiction. Poet and sketcher. Mother. I read a lot and love cheese. Guitar playing singer-songwriter. I also enjoy stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk. View all posts by June Faramore

this side, that side

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