365 Days of Poetry: Day One-Hundred!

The floor felt unfamiliar,
too smooth, too free of hair.
Sara took Carrie by the hand.
Sally followed them down the stairs.

At the bottom were two doors,
and a tv blaring down the hall.
Sally turned left, bracing
for an evening of stupid sitcoms.

Instead, she found a little boy,
eating cereal and watching cartoons.
“Sara’s room’s first door,”
he mumbled through his food,
dribbling milk onto his chin.

Sally turned around,
and tried door number one.
Instead of finding the expected prize,
Sara’s brother stood, all chores done.

“I think you’re lost.”
He said, then picked up a tool.
“I know I am,”
said Sally,
“I’m always the fool.”

“Wanna see my project,”
he asked,
“My name’s Jack, by the way.”
Sally nodded her head,
didn’t know what to say.

They leaned over the counter,
Jack named all the parts.
Sally stared, fascinated,
at this new form of art.

“You better go,” Jack said,
breaking the spell.
“I love my sister,
but she’s possessive as hell.”

Sally nodded her head,
backed away from the scene.
Jack put a finger to her lips.
“Don’t tell anyone where you’ve been.”

The first door from the stairs.
It’s all so clear now.
Sally thought as she snuck into
a dress up party gone wild.

Carrie squealed:
“There’s Sally! Told ya she gets lost.
Now hand over that silk dress,
I don’t care what it cost.”


About June Faramore

Writer of fantasy, mainstream, and young adult fiction. Poet and sketcher. Mother. I read a lot and love cheese. Guitar playing singer-songwriter. I also enjoy stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk. View all posts by June Faramore

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