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365 Days of Poetry: Day Eighty-Three

another night of pain.
it is embraced, unlike
sorrows before.

we are connected in many ways now.
and I am content–
the new white Spring an answer
to questions held for years.

this arcane sharing
of skin and memory
is a reminder of choices made–
another night of pain.


365 Days of Poetry: Day Eighty-Two

fingers burn.
lips cry.
notes sound.
fill the sky.

mind bleeds.
soul flies.
music grounds.
lyrics sigh.

it’s not yet time to say goodbye.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Eighty-One

We don’t fit in here.
I don’t care.
The surface is pretty.
But I remember what you said.

Fake jade tables.
Barely spoken words.
The price is not a danger.
I’m done being hurt.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Eighty

for a moment
the leaves kick up
with the first winds of Spring
and the chains of swings
creak against their moorings-
I am struck that it is Fall
and none of this strange, hard Winter past
has really happened
and you are not once again
asking for too much.
and I am not
once again
in that scarred place
you made when we
were two that made one.

he is worth this.
you are not.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Seventy-Nine

we ran out of gas
and I am reminded
of a Valentine’s Day
     long ago
when Eastern Ave
became a prison
for a Camero.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Seventy-Eight

I feel behind.
It’s been a few weeks now.
The fallout of being maniac.
My tiger knew it would happen.

I got a postcard today.
My friend lives where mountains touch the sky.
And green still means something.

Tonight, I will be renewed.
Memory is nothing without action.
I know the way now.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Seventy-Seven

to only think of yourself.
this is what you are.

you can take the alcohol out.
but the asshole remains.

I cannot bend this time.
too far, too much, too ill-conceived.

I got a 1410 on my SAT motherfucker.
before they changed the rules.

you are an illiterate ass.
no, I am not convinced.
this is a good idea.

still running, still laying blame.
no one forced you to drink.

no one forced you to lie.
you did it all.

to only think of yourself.
this is what you are.

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