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365 Days of Poetry: Day Thirty-One

This one makes a month straight. Go me!

moths become
a film on stagnant water;
wings knit together
in a soft blanket of despair.

the last veil–
parting is such sweet sorrow;
but to disappear
is the hardest end.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Thirty

behind the door.
for now.

they are behind the door.
for now.

I can’t see them.
I can’t feel them.
but, I know they are–

for resolve to weaken.

for the next damn shoe.

for me to step out of the way.

I will control the chaos within.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Twenty-Nine

not thinking too much.
enjoying the family.
helping with dinner.
bagging the trash.
fufilled by a cigarette.
no care for cancer.
washing the dishes.
cleaning the stove.
a mom.
stuck in a box.
and happy.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Twenty-Eight

in the arm.
in the neck.
in the foot.
in the knee.

these are the methods of destruction.

in the soul.
in the heart.
in the mind.
in the memory.

these are the reasons to destroy.

in the eye.
in the back.
in the dark.
in the family.

these are the bringers of pain.

in the main.
in the front.
in the hands.
in the dream.

these are the methods of healing.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Twenty-Seven

all gone.
and back again.

I know now.
why you stayed

this is how much it hurts.
first love.
first lust.
first lost.

the distance is too much.
and I am over.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Twenty-Six

through a tunnel of shit
lies freedom
from a long monotony of days.

he flails
and falls.

365 Days of Poetry: Day Twenty-Five

Snow this afternoon. I traded for the better camera, but was too busy enjoying the view to take a picture. Next time. We hope for a next time.

who is?
all a function of perception.

the mark of tears.
it takes us all.

we are alone.
and I won’t tell.

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