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Writing Excuses for NaNoWriMo

This is a list of Writing Excuses episodes I feel are pertinent to National Novel Writing Month. Easiest way to have them all in one place for a Notecard I want to hand out inworld.

Their NaNoWriMo specific podcast.

On Brainstorming Ideas:


Brainstorming from Headlines

Brainstorming Science Ideas

How to Steal for Fun and Profit

Brainstorming Urban Fantasy

Brainstorming Cyberpunk

Brainstorming from the End to the Beginning

On Research and Worldbuilding


Worldbuilding Religion

Non-Human Races

Worldbuilding Government

Worldbuilding History

Worldbuilding Gender Roles

Writing Practical Fantasy

Life Day!

Story Bibles

Non-traditional Settings

Worldbuilding Communications Tech

Gender Roles-Black, White, and Gray

Worldbuilding the Future

Alternate History

In world Dialects and Jargon

Characters and Worldbuilding

On the Basics of Writing:

Voice, Tone, and Style

Writing Habits

Writing an Epic

Making Descriptions Do More than One Thing

Character Arcs

Visual Components of Novels

Critiquing Dan’s First Novel

Parody and Satire

Internal Character Motivations

Suspension of Disbelief

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